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About Innov8 Agency

Our expertise lies in automating business processes and tasks through AI. At Innov8 Agency, we focus mainly on increasing efficiency and reducing costs. We offer both tailor-made solutions for specific needs and turnkey solutions for general common tasks.

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The benefits of AI
automation in your company

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Save Costs

With AI automation, you invest in technology that is significantly cheaper than traditional employees. Fewer overhead costs make AI a cost-efficient choice for your business.

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AI works 24/7 without breaks, absence or human errors. This ensures faster task execution and consistent quality of work, making your business processes run smoother and more efficiently.

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AI automation gives companies the opportunity to do more with less. By automating routine tasks, teams can focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.

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Our AI Solutions

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Ticket Tom

Ticket Automation

Ticket Tom is your best support employee. He resolves incoming tickets with unmatched precision and speed.

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Email Elly

Email Automation

Email Elly is an advanced AI solution for companies to automate their emails and administrative tasks.

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Chatbot Chad

Customer Service Automation

Chatbot Chad is always enthusiastic to help your website visitors as best as possible.

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Document Dan

Document Automation

Document Dan will automate the creation and data extraction of your documents.

AI generated image of our AI employee solution "Recruitment Rachel"

Recruiter Rachel

Recruitment Automation

Recruiter Rachel makes it easy to assess and screen large quantities of applicants.

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How do I integrate the AI solutions into my
existing systems?

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API connection:
Seamless Integration

At Innov8 Agency we use API connections to connect our AI seamlessly with your existing business systems. This ensures smooth and direct communication between our solutions and your current software.

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No system changes:
Your software remains untouched

We understand the importance of your existing systems and their operation. That is why we guarantee that we won't make any changes to your current software configuration. Our AI adds value without disrupting what you've already built.

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De plek voor alles in 1 A.I.

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Case Studies

Ontdek hoe andere bedrijven de kracht van A.I. hebben ingezet om hun processen te transformeren en hun efficiëntie te verhogen.

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Over ons

Met jarenlange ervaring in A.I. automatisering, zijn wij gepassioneerd over het helpen van bedrijven om hun volledige potentieel te bereiken.


What does a partnership with Innov8 look like?

A collaboration with Innov8 means seamless integration of A.I. in your business processes. We start with a thorough analysis of your current systems, followed by a tailor-made solution via API connections.

Your existing software remains unchanged, while our A.I. communicates with it effortlessly. Together we strive for optimization, efficiency and growth, with minimal disruption and maximum results.

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Business analysis
(1 day)

We start by analyzing the entire workflow you want to automate.

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(2 days)

After the analysis, we prepare a quote with a predetermined price for the A.I.

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Build & Integrate
(2 weeks)

We then get to work building everything and integrating it into your company.

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(2 weeks)

After everything has been completed successfully, the payment can be processed.

Bekijk welke klanten je
voor gingen

Bij Instraa staat de tevredenheid van onze klanten centraal.

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"Sinds we met Instraa samenwerken, is onze workflow aanzienlijk verbeterd. Hun A.I. automatisering integreert naadloos met onze systemen, en de ondersteuning die ze bieden is ongeëvenaard. Echt een game changer!"

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Mark R.
IT Manager
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"Instraa heeft onze verwachtingen overtroffen. Niet alleen zijn we efficiënter geworden, maar we hebben ook kosten bespaard. Dit is de toekomst van bedrijfsautomatisering!"

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Sara T.
A green quotation icon.

"De op maat gemaakte A.I. oplossingen van Instraa hebben ons geholpen om een voorsprong te nemen in een competitieve markt. Onze klanten merken het verschil, en wij ook!"

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Michael W.
Klantenservice manager
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"Veiligheid en dataprivacy zijn cruciaal voor ons. Instraa heeft ons niet alleen technologische vooruitgang geboden, maar ook gemoedsrust door hun strikte beveiligingsprotocollen."

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Design Agency Owner
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"Samenwerken met Instraa was een van de beste zakelijke beslissingen die we hebben genomen. Hun expertise in A.I. automatisering heeft ons team bevrijd van routinematige taken, waardoor we ons kunnen concentreren op innovatie en groei."

A green person icon.
John A.
Ecommerce Owner
A green quotation icon.

"Met A.I. hebben we de wachttijden voor onze klanten drastisch kunnen verminderen. Onze klanttevredenheidsscores zijn omhoog geschoten."

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Emily D.
Web Developer


View our most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, please feel free
to contact the Innov8 Agency team.

What exactly does Innov8 Agency do?

Innov8 Agency specializes in developing AI-driven solutions that optimize business processes, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.

Is AI automation suitable for every type of business?

Yes, regardless of size or industry, every business can benefit from AI automation. We offerboth tailor-made and ready-made solutions for various issues.

How does Innov8 Agency integrate AI into existing systems?

We use API connections to seamlessly integrate our AI solutions with your current systems, without major infrastructure adjustments.

What are the costs of an AI solution from Innov8 Agency?

Costs vary depending on the specific needs and scope of the implementation.
Contact us for a tailor-made quote.

Is my data save at Innov8 Agency?

Absolutely. Data privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us. We take all necessary measures to keep your data safe.

How quickly can I expect results?

Many customers notice immediate improvements after implementation. However, the full impact often becomes more apparent after a few months of integration and adjustment.

Does Innov8 Agency offer training and support?

Yes, we provide comprehensive training for your team and ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of our solutions.

How does Innov8 Agency stay up-to-date with the latest AI technologies?

Our team is constantly in research and development. We stay informed of the latest trends and apply this knowledge in our solutions.

How do I start a collaboration with Innov8 Agency?

Contact us via our contact page. One of our experts will then contact you as soon as possibleto discuss your needs and objectives.

What exactly is Ticket Tom?

Ticket Tom is an AI-driven solution designed to resolve support tickets automatically and efficiently, specifically for ICT management.

Who is Ticket Tom intended for?

Ticket Tom is ideal for ICT companies that provide management services to other organizations and for companies that manage their own internal ICT department.

How do I integrate Ticket Tom into my existing systems?

Ticket Tom is designed for easy and seamless integration, making it effortless to implement into your current IT support systems.

Does Ticket Tom completely replace my support team?

No, Ticket Tom acts as a powerful assistant that handles first-line and second-linetickets, allowing your team to focus on more complex issues.

How does Ticket Tom ensure accurate ticket solutions?

Ticket Tom uses advanced AI algorithms that continuously learn from every interaction, ensuring accurate and timely solutions.

What happens if Ticket Tom cannot resolve a ticket?

In rare cases where Ticket Tom is unable to resolve a ticket, the ticket is forwarded to a human agent for further handling.

Is my data safe when using Ticket Tom?

Yes, Ticket Tom is built with the highest security standards and ensures strict data privacy and protection.

How quickly can I implement Ticket Tom in my organization?

Thanks to the user-friendly integration, Ticket Tom can be fully operational within a few days in most cases.

How does Ticket Tom stay up-to-date with the latest IT trends?

Ticket Tom receives regular updates and improvements, with the system updating itself to always be at the forefront of the industry.

What costs are associated with Ticket Tom?

The costs of Ticket Tom depend on the specific needs and size of your organization. Contact us for a tailor-made quote.

What is Email Elly?

Email Elly is an advanced AI solution designed to automatically analyze emails and perform appropriate actions or automations based on the email content.

How does Email Elly integrate with my current Email system?

Email Elly is designed to integrate seamlessly with most popular email providers, including Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. Implementation is simple and requires minimal technical intervention.

Is Email Elly safe?

Yes, the security of your email data is our top priority. Email Elly uses advanced encryption technologies and complies with all modern data and privacy guidelines.

How can Email Elly help automatically generate quotes?

When a customer sends a quote request via email, Email Elly can recognize the content, extract the necessary information and then work together with Document Dan to automatically generate a quote based on preset templates and pricing structures.

Can Email Elly be customized to my specific business needs?

Absolutely. Email Elly is flexible and can be customized to meet specific automation and analytics needs of your business.

How does Email Elly deal with Emails that she cannot process?

For emails that cannot be processed automatically, Email Elly will forward them to a designated human agent for further action or review.

What happens if Email Elly makes a mistake?

Email Elly is designed with a feedback mechanism. In the rare event of an error, it can be corrected and the system will learn from it to improve future performance.

What other tasks can Email Elly automate, besides quote generation?

Email Elly can automate a wide range of tasks including sorting emails, answering frequently asked questions, archiving documents, sending notifications and much more, depending on the parameters set.

How do I update or upgrade Email Elly?

Email Elly is regularly updated to introduce new features and security measures. Updates are rolled out automatically and require minimal user intervention.

What is Email Elly's pricing model?

The pricing model depends on the specific needs and scale of your business. Please contact our sales team for a tailor-made quote.

What is Chatbot Chad?

Chatbot Chad is an AI-powered chatbot designed by Innov8 Agency to automate customer service processes and provide real-time customer support.

Can Chatbot Chad communicate in multiple languages?

Yes, Chatbot Chad is equipped with advanced language recognition and can communicate in multiple languages to serve international customers.

How does Chatbot Chad integrate with existing systems such as Salesforce?

Through robust API connectivity, Chatbot Chad can seamlessly integrate with CRM systems such as Salesforce, access customer data and enable real-time interactions.

Is Chatbot Chad available 24/7?

Yes, Chatbot Chad is designed to be available 24/7, providing customers with support at any time of the day.

How does Chatbot Chad learn and improve itself?

Chatbot Chad uses machine learning. With every interaction he collects and analyzes data to continuously improve his performance.

Does Chatbot Chad require human intervention?

Although Chatbot Chad can perform many tasks independently, for complex problems it can automatically create a ticket for human intervention.

How secure is Chatbot Chad with customer data?

The security of customer data is a top priority. Chatbot Chad uses advanced encryption technologies and best practices to keep all data safe.

Can Chatbot Chad also automate other administrative tasks?

Yes, in addition to customer service, Chad can also be programmed to automate various administrative tasks, such as generating quotes.

What happens if Chatbot Chad cannot answer a question?

If Chad encounters a question he can't answer, he can either direct the customer to relevant resources or create a support ticket for further assistance from a human agent.

How do I implement Chatbot Chad in my company?

Contact the Innov8 Agency team for a tailor-made implementation of Chatbot Chad, tailored to the specific needs of your company.

What is Document Dan?

Document Dan is an advanced AI-powered assistant specialized in automating and streamlining document-related tasks such as document creation, analysis, and management.

How can Document Dan help my business?

Document Dan helps create and analyze documents more efficiently and accurately, saving time, increasing productivity and reducing the chance of errors.

Is Document Dan easy to integrate with my existing systems?

Yes, Document Dan is designed to integrate seamlessly with a variety of existing business systems and platforms.

What types of documents can Document Dan process?

Document Dan can process a wide range of document types, including reports, contracts, invoices, and more.

How secure is Document Dan with sensitive information?

Document Dan uses advanced security measures to ensure that all information processed remains secure and confidential.

Can Document Dan be adapted to the specific needs of my company?

Absolutely. Document Dan offers customizable options to meet your company's unique requirements and workflows.

How accurate is Document Dan's document analysis?

Document Dan offers highly accurate analysis functions thanks to advanced AI algorithms, ensuring reliable and insightful results.

What makes Document Dan different from other document management software?

Document Dan stands out for its advanced AI capabilities, ease of use, and flexibility to adapt to different business environments.

How do I access Document Dan?

Contact our sales team for a demonstration and information about implementing Document Dan in your organization.

Is support available for Document Dan users?

Yes, we offer extensive customer support and training to ensure you get the most out of Document Dan.

What exactly is Recruiter Rachel?

Recruiter Rachel is an advanced AI-powered recruitment tool that helps automate and streamline the hiring process, especially assessing and screening job candidates.

How does Rachel improve the recruitment process?

Rachel automates the applicant screening process by quickly and accurately analyzing resumes and cover letters, saving recruiters time and allowing them to focus on the most suitable candidates.

Can Rachel be integrated with existing HR systems?

Yes, Rachel is designed to integrate seamlessly with various existing HR systems, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Is Recruiter Rachel user-friendly?

Certainly, Rachel was developed for ease of use and does not require any technical expertise to be used effectively.

How does Rachel ensure objective candidate selection?

By using AI and machine learning, Rachel minimizes human bias in the selection process, leading to a more objective and diverse candidate selection.

How does Rachel ensure data privacy and security?

Rachel is built with strict security protocols and complies with all relevant privacy laws to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of candidate data.

Can Rachel be customized to specific business needs?

Yes, Rachel's algorithms can be customized and trained to meet your organization's unique requirements and preferences.

Does Rachel support multiple languages ​​in the application documents?

Yes, recruiter Rachel is able to review application documents in any language.

What are the costs of using Recruiter Rachel?

Costs may vary depending on the plan and the specific needs of your organization. Please contact our sales team for a detailed quote.

How can I request a demo of Recruiter Rachel?

You can easily request a demo via our website or test it yourself via the playground page.

You Want To Automate Your Work?

At Innov8 Agency we attach great importance to the input and challenges of our clients. Every issue offers us an opportunity to innovate and grow together. Do you have a specific need or challenge that you are encountering? Share it with us!